Rev. Sen Wong

The motto of the Chinese Bible Mission is, "The World In View, The Chinese Our Goal." Today, there are approximately 2,000,000 Chinese in the United States with approximately 40% ABCs (American Born Chinese) and the balance OBCs (Overseas Born Chinese). The Chinese were originally brought here in the mid-19th Century to work on the railroads and in gold mines. Being hard workers, they made good laborers but the salary was very low. Often they were mistreated because of their ethnicity. Gradually the Chinese got a foothold on American soil because of their diligence in education and hard work.  


The majority of Chinese are from the Canton Province in Southern China. They generally settled in California, but gradually dispersed to larger cities such as New York City, Chicago, etc. Today approximately 40% of the Chinese reside in the State of California. The two metropolitan areas that have the largest population of Chinese are San Francisco and Los Angeles. In the San Francisco Bay area alone there are approximately 400,000 Chinese. Because of the relaxation of the immigration laws in recent years, over 50,000 Chinese immigrants are coming into the country each year, thus swelling the number of OBCs. The majority of Chinese churches in America are pastored by OBCs from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Those born in this country to OBC parents are spiritually neglected.


The ministry of the Chinese Bible Mission is threefold:


To plant and establish Chinese independent Bible Churches, primarily among the English-speaking Chinese. 2. Reaching and developing the young people through Bible camps and conferences. 3. Producing Gospel literature for mass evangelism. God has blessed this effort since Chinese Bible Missionís inception in 1952. The Chinese Bible Mission started as a mail evangelism ministry to the Chinese on the West Coast, but gradually included church planting in 1956. God has blessed this endeavor and thus, strong, Bible-centered churches have been established in San Francisco, Sacramento, San Leandro, Belmont, Fremont and the latest, San Ramon, all in Northern California. The total attendance in these churches is around 2,000. Though our primary emphasis is reaching the English-speaking Chinese, nevertheless, God has blessed so that several of our churches have a Cantonese Department.


One of our goals is to develop and train young men for the Gospel ministry. God has blessed this emphasis resulting in many of our young men going to Bible schools and seminaries and are now serving the Lord as pastors in Chinese churches throughout the United States. We are now embarking on a new internship program where young men can receive their theological and practical training under the auspices of our Bible churches. It will be a three-year program where we work in conjunction with a fundamental Bible school on an extension program.  


Today, there are well over 1.2 billion Chinese worldwide. Our hearts are heavy when we think of the great need among our fellow countrymen. Our Lord Himself said, "The fields are white unto harvest, but the laborers are few." Please join us in prayer that God would raise up many more of our Chinese young people for the whitened harvest field.

This article appeared in May/June 1997 issue of VOICE Magazine

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